Stopping of NOx Elimination is Clever Way to Reduce CO2 and to Increase Fish Production
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  • J Cell Biol Immunol 2017, Vol 1(1): e102

Stopping of NOx Elimination is Clever Way to Reduce CO2 and to Increase Fish Production

Shoichiro Ozaki*
Department of Chemical Industry, Ehime University, Japan
*Corresponding Author: Shoichiro Ozaki, Professor Emeritus, Department of Chemical Industry, Ehime University, Japan, Tel: 81-0467-67-0991, Email: [email protected]

Received Date: Jul 31, 2017 / Accepted Date: Aug 01, 2017 / Published Date: Aug 02, 2017


Protection of global warming is important subject. Promotion of CO2 assimilation is the best way to protect global warming. Supply of nutrient nitrogen and phosphorous is most important.

I was born at small town tanokuchi, Kojima, Kurashiki, Japan in 1930. There is small swimming beach named Hikiami swimming beach. When swimming at tide is away, my leg touched sea weed and stone fish. The beach was filled with launched sea weed. Many fishing boats were fishing. About 500 thousand tone fish and 100 billion sheets Nori (sea weed to make norimaki sushi) were produced at Setonnland Sea. Petro chemical, iron, electricity plants were build at this district in 1970. Japan government set up very strict laws to eliminate all NOx in burned gas and N, P in drainage. Then Setonnland Sea changed dramatically. No weed grow, no plankton grow and no fish grow. Around 1 billion tone CO2 fix was lost in Japan.

When we look at Japan sea coastal area, this district is highest snow fall district in the world. Thunder happen very often with snow. Thunder produces 7 kg NOx at one lightning. This NOx is dissolved in water to afford many plankton and delicious fish like Yellou tail (Buri), Crabs (Kani). This district is famous as delicious rice Minamiuonuma koshihikari producing district. These facts indicate that NOx is playing very important role for CO2 assimilation, plankton production, fish production and protection of global warming.

When we look at fish production of many countries, China produces 79 million tones (top), Indonesia 22. (2), India 10.1 (3), Vietnam 6.27 (4), USA 5.47 (5), Peru 4.92 (6), Japan 4.65 (7), Russia 4.61 (8), Philippines 4.5 (9), Norway 3.82 (10), Bangladesh 3.68 (11), Korea 3.33 (12), Chili 3.19 (13), Myanmar 2.95 (13), Tai 3.59 (14), Malaysia 2.00 (15). Fish production of Japan decreased from 15.5 million tones (top) in 1965 to 4.65 million tone (7th) in 2016.

China, Indonesia, Vietnam increased fish production remarkable. These countries do not do NOx elimination and drainage treatment. By using N, P as a promoter for CO2 assimilation, they are producing much fish.

Fish grow eating 10 times plankton. Plankton grows by fixing same weight of CO2 Therefore 10 times of CO2 is fixed in the process of fish production. We can estimate that above mentioned countries fixed 10 times CO2 of fish production. Japan fixed 15.5 × 10=155 million tone CO2 in 1965, but it decreased to 4.65 × 10=46.5million tone in 2016. Setoinland Sea fixed 0.50 × 10=50 million tones CO2 in 1965, but it decreased to 5 million tons in 2016.

In Japan 2 million tones NOx is produced. This NOx is eliminated by ammonia, producing 1.76 million tones CO2. If we use this NOx for fixing of CO2, we can fix 2 × 25=50 million tones CO2. And 2 × 10=20 million tone fish production can be obtained.

Fish is good anti aging food. We can recover fish production and keep long life record by stopping NOx elimination. If NOx concentration limit of car exhaust gas is raised, fuel efficiency increase and 1 billion CO2 release will be saved.


CO2 assimilation is best method to reduce CO2. NOx is best compound to promote CO2 assimilation. Stop elimination of NOx is clever way to reduce CO2.

Citation: Ozaki S (2017) Stopping of NOx Elimination is Clever Way to Reduce CO2 and to Increase Fish Production. J Cell Biol Immunol 1: e102.

Copyright: ©2017 Ozaki S. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited.

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