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Surgery Journals

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Italy is a European country with Rome as its capital city and occupying a peninsula in Mediterranean Sea. The North part of Italy has the culture of breeding Pigs and Cattle whereas the southern part grows Olives, tobacco, tomatoes. Italy has the rugged mountains known as Alps.

Italy has temperate seasonal climate and it covers an area of 301,338 square kms. It is often referred as Italy, means the Boot due to its. It is the fourth populous state with 61 million inhabitants; It shares open land borders with France, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia, San Marino and Vatican City.

Italy has the 8th largest economy in the world and the 3rd in the Eurozone. It is among the founding members of UN, WTO, G7/G8, G20 and many more. It is one of the most visited countries due to its cultural wealth. The research in the Italy is supported by European funds. The Italian and European funds are split into three cateogries National, Regional and EC originated. In 2001, Italy had 1,156 scientists and engineers per million people engaged in research and development (R&D). In that same year, expenditures on R&D totaled $16.7 trillion or 1.11% of GDP. High technology exports in 2002 totaled $19.730 billion, or 9% of the country's manufactured exports.

The National Research Council is an Italian public organization set up to support scientific and technological research, which is headquartered in Rome. The Georgetown University Italian Research Institute supports the Italian researchers. It serves as a bridge between Italian and Non-Italian scholars. Italy has 47 Universities providing courses in basic and applied sciences. The researchers are supported by the European Institute of Oncology and the surgery journals Italy. The NCR and the list of surgery Journals Italy support the upcoming researchers for the extensive research in Biology, Chemistry, Agriculture, mathematics, physics, geology, technology, engineering and medicine. The National Institute of Nuclear Physics, in Rome, and the Enrico Fermi Center for Nuclear Studies, in Milan mostly supports the Young researchers with the Surgery Journals.

Surgery Journals List