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Improvement of Glucose Tolerance and Related Metabolic Disorders Using Some Ayurvedic Mineral Preparations (Bhasmas)and#8211; in Nanomedicinal Perspective
ISSN: 2573-4555
Journal of Traditional Medicine & Clinical Naturopathy
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Improvement of Glucose Tolerance and Related Metabolic Disorders Using Some Ayurvedic Mineral Preparations (Bhasmas)– in Nanomedicinal Perspective

Birgit Baur-Mueller*
Practitioner of Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture & Western Herbs in Chinese Medicine, Selfheal Center, Bavaria, Germany
Corresponding Author : Birgit Baur-Mueller
Practitioner of Chinese Medicine
Acupuncture & Western Herbs in Chinese Medicine
Selfheal Center, Bavaria, Germany
Tel: 08203-951738
Received: August 28, 2014; Accepted: June 24, 2015; Published: July 01, 2015
Citation: Mueller BB (2015) The Treatment of Down Syndrome, Trisomie 21 with Acupuncture. J Homeop Ayurv Med 4:181. doi:10.4172/2167-1206.1000181
Copyright: © 2015, Mueller BB. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited.
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In the present study giving emphasis on diabetes mellitus, we have taken up some specialised Ayurvedic metallic preparations (Bhasmas) like Yasada (Zn), Vanga (Sn) and Naga (Pb) Bhasmas and also Swarna (Au), Raupya (Ag), Makardhwaja (HgS) Bhasmas used in related metabolic disorders (dyslipilidemia, stress related and certain immune system disorders including ageing related complications). Though metals are not antidiabetic as such, the role of some mineral elements in the management of impaired glucose tolerance (early sign of diabetes mellitus) was well established. Also increased oxidative stress is found to be associated with the progression of diabetes mellitus and different metabolic disorders. Some metallo-enzymes like arginase, pyruvate carboxylase, manganese-superoxide dismutase are found to be beneficial in this regard. Further, it is known that nano-materials below 100 nm scale show reduced toxicity towards mammalian host and increases toxicity towards infectious organisms. As such, next for the measurement of the particle size (in nano scale) of the above Ayurvedic preparations, Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM) was used. Surprisingly all the above experimental samples are found to be within 100 nm scale and thus eliminating the risk of toxicity when used in prescribed dose. For example: Yasada Bhasma (12.5 nm), Vanga Bhasma (12.1 nm), Naga Bhasma (12.5 nm), Swarna Bhasma (12.2 nm), Raupya Bhasma (51 nm) and Makardhwaja Bhasma (39 nm).

When the father of the 1 year old girl contacted me and asked about acupuncture for his daughter, who suffered from Down syndrome, 2005, I was an experienced acupuncturist with 9 years training but no experiences with children. Encouraged through Julian Scott's & Teresa Barlow's book: “Acupuncture in the treatment of children” and a friend who is a midwife, who send the family to me; I started to work myself into the subject.
Down syndrome is based on a deficiency of kidney essence and kidney deficiency. There are two main patterns, which are either Phlegm/Dampness or distinctive Heat, and also mixtures between these two.
The Phlegm/Dampness pattern is characterized by a pale puffy face, clear watery nasal discharge, slobber, slow large movements, and obedient character. The tongue is pale with a white coating.
The Heat pattern is characterized by a red face, yellow, thick nose secretion, red tongue and a curious, restless, active, demanding, stubborn and dominating character.
The treatment covers:
• Treatment of the acute symptoms
• Constitutional strengthening
A list of acupuncture points that can be used:
• Phlegm/Dampness:
Bl23 (Shen Shu ), Ki3 (Tai Xi ), Ren4 (Guan Yuan), and moxibustion, Du16 (Feng Fu ), Du15 (Ya Men ), Bl10 (Tian Zhu)
• Heat (heat is damaging the heart, there are often heart defects):
Li2 (Xing Jian), He8 (Shao Fu ), Gb20 (Feng Chi), Ren23 (Lian Quan), He5 (Tong Li , when the tongue comes out of the mouth a lot), Bl23 (Shen Shu)
When I saw her for the first time, she was just able to sit, her muscles were very weak, she had a surgery for her heart, where she got an artificial valve, was constantly ill from infections of the upper respiratory system and had to take antibiotics on a regular basis. Her skin was marmorated on the body and normal in the face, tongue normal, little nasal discarge yellowish and dry, active, restless, slightly stubborn.
At first she reacted to the acupuncture with more restlessness, I started with Ki3 (Tai Xi), He8 (Shao Fu) and Li4 (He Gu).
Seven weeks later, after 4 treatments, she got a lot of discharge from the nose there is extremly much stuff coming out of her nose said the parents. I included points like Du20 (Bai Hui), Du16 (Feng Fu), Bl10 (Tian Zhu), Gb20 (Feng Chi), 3E5 (Wai Guan), St36 (Zu San Li), Sp6 (San Yin Jiao),Bl23 (Shen Shu). In the first year the parents came for 15 treatments.
In the second year she made good progress with walking, becoming stronger, and the need of antibiotics became 50% less than before. Sometimes she was restless at night and awake often between 1.00 and 3.00 (liver). In the third year, we made ten treatments and she needed only four antibiotic treatments. The parents noticed after treatments, that her talking was better; she was more interested in things, more aware. One of the main problems was an impaired balance and lack of concentration.
In the fourth year I worked only with crystal acupuncture, where small crystals are taped to the points. This method (I developed together with my partner Stephen) meanwhile became established as a perfect tool in the children's acupuncture in my practice. For the little girl it was great as well, because she lost the fear of the needles and the treatments were much more relaxed. Besides I could start to use points on the abdomen (like Ren12 Zhong Wan , Ren6 Qi Hai and St25 Tian Shu ) to treat her nervous bellyache, which I do not feel comfortable with needles with children. You can see on the picture how it is done.
After the sixth year, where we did 8 treatments, she had only 2 infections that needed antibiotics. She could now start in a Montessori school instead of going to a school for disabled children.
Now, just recently, she finished successfully her third year in school.
The heart surgery to change the artificial valve could be delayed; the circulation and heart function is still stable and there is a possibility for her to get an adult valve, which would save her one heart surgery.
Meanwhile she grew into a young lady and started to write her own stories at school which are full of light and positive energy. Her temper and liver still make problems every now and again, but this reacts phantasy to the acupuncture treatments. One time the parents said, after she had a really strong episode with anger, the treatment is a real miracle, she is not so extreme anymore and easier to handle.
The parents still come to regular treatments with her, even though they have a quite long way to drive to my practice. They are still enthusiastic about the acupuncture to accompany her daughter's development and encouraged me to publish this case history.
I am very grateful, that I could meet and accompany this little girl and I am always looking forward to see her. She is already curious to see her belly with the crystal acupuncture published in a magazine.
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