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Pharmaceutical Science Journals

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Mexico is having historical attractions from the ancient ruins of The Mayas, the Olmecs, and the Toltecs preceded the wealthy Aztec empire, which conquered in 1519–1521 by the Spain. Spain ruled Mexico as part of the viceroyalty of New Spain for the next 300 years. Mexicans revolted against Spain and they got independence in 1821. Geographically is having an area of 1,972,552 sq. km roughly triangular in shape. Mexico shares a border with the United States to the north, Belize and Guatemala to the south, and is bounded on two sides by expanses of water—on the west, the Pacific Ocean and to the east, the Gulf of Mexico.

Mexican economy has shown its degree of flexibility in the face of a challenging global economic environment. It is the world’s 15th largest economy of $1.26 trillion. Despite of positive forecasts the Mexican economy faced a number of challenges in recent years. Growth was under 2% in 2013, and under 3% in 2014. Mexico is the first Latin American country to enter the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) in 1994. In Pharmaceutical Industry Mexico is the 12th largest pharmaceutical market in the world - the second in Latin America after Brazil. According to reports 2.5 billion unit sales of medication annually in Mexico. In Between 1999 and 2006, the pharmaceutical industry grew more than 200%, and by a further 14% between 2007 and 2009. This steady growth indicates a promising market, one that currently accounts for 37% of all pharmaceutical sales in Latin America.

The Mexican Association of Pharmaceutical Research Industries was founded in 1950. The association brings together the national and international most important research-based pharmaceutical companies. The mission of AMIIF is to support medical innovation to improve the health of the Mexican population. There are 400 pharmaceutical companies that dominate the Mexican industry, most of which are multinational companies manufacturing 80% of the nation's pharmaceuticals.

Pharmaceutical Science Journals List