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Russia Pulmonology Journals List

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Pulmonology Journals

Description of the country

The Russian Federation is a sovereign state in northern Eurasia is the other name for Russia. Russia is the first federal semi-presidential republic.

Geography of the country

Russia is the largest country in the world. There are more than 40 UNESCO biosphere reserves, 41 national parks and 101 nature reserves which were recorded as 23 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Russia and tourists visiting places. The whole country across the entirety is rich in the natural resource which includes the major deposits in the yield of timber from trees, petroleum, crude oil, natural gas, biogas, coal mines, mineral ores and other resources.

Status of economy, research and development

Globally the Russian economy ranks as the tenth largest in the nominal GDP which is also a sixth largest by purchasing power parity in the year 2015.Russia is the largest reserves in the world which are rich in mineral and energy resources this would make Russia as the have one of the largest producers of oil and natural gas globally. Russia ranks 5th place for its nuclear plants, weapons and also for the mass destruction. The world's second biggest exporter of major arms in the year’s 2010-14 this was recorded according to SIPRI data. The 20th century most of the significant development’s was in the field of technologies and research, Russia has archived many more invitations in the technologies which includes the world's first human-made satellite, and the first man in space.

Status about the different subjects in which extensive research is going on

Russia is 17 Nobel laureates so far in the field of Physics, Medicine and Chemistry. Dmitry Ivanovsky discovered viruses in the year 1892 and Nikolai Lunin discovered vitamins in the year 1881 which laid the foundations for the development in biology in Russia. Ivan Pavlov was the person who had studied the brain functions and also the Classical phenomenon of brain functioning. The immune system was described by llya Mechnikovne for which he was awarded as noble prize. The notion of stem cells was introduced by Alexander Amaximow. Founder of Modern Theory of Origin of Life was Alexander Oparin .The founder of molecular biology was Nikoai koltsov has also proposed the idea of the molecular mechanism of heredity in the year 1927and the had started the “Giant hereditary molecule" which would be made up of "two mirror strands that would replicate in a semi-conservative method using each strand as a template”. The theory of Aging was proposed by Alexey Olovnikov and suggested telomere hypothesis of aging for which he was awarded with Nobel Prize. A Large number of notable scientists, making important contributions into, medicine, physics, chemistry, astronomy, mathematics, computing, biology, geology and geography. Russian inventors and engineers excelled in such areas as IT, nuclear technology and space technology but also laid foundations in biology and also in medicine. Pulmonology is the branch of internal medicine which helps in the studying of functioning of lung, lung diseases, respiratory tract, respirology and respiratory medicine. Chest medicine and respiratory medicine is also known as pulmonology in some countries and areas. Pulmonology gives the life support need and mechanical ventilation. Pulmonologists are trained in lung diseases and conditions of the chest, particularly pneumonia, asthma, tuberculosis, emphysema, and complicated chest infection and many other infectious diseases. The Pulmonology research is ongoing in the Russia in the field of bronchoscopy, pulmonary diseases, pulmonary medicine etc. The training of pediatricians varies considerably across the world. Numerous medical journals, Tver State Medical Academy, Volgograd State Medical University etc.