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Chemical Engineering Journals

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Chemical Engineering Journals in OMICS provides a global forum for the dissemination of research in chemical engineering including Bioprocessing & Biotechniques; Process Technology; Physiobiochemical Metabolism; Thermodynamics & Catalysis. These journals target researchers, scientists, and students who seek to advance the technical knowledge and practical applications related to chemical sciences. Chemical Engineering journals along with other 700 OMICS International Journals are strictly peer-reviewed with the help of 50000 Editorial Board in selecting the articles for publication respecting timelines and high levels of standards. More than 13000 articles are published in a year and are available in PDF, HTML and accessible to more than 200000 scholars worldwide. OMICS International is collaborated with 1000 organizations around the globe making its mark in the scientific community. The Chemistry Journals are indexed at standard indexing databases such as EBSCO, CAS, Hinari, Index Copernicus, ProQuest, Urlich's, SHERPA-Romeo, etc.

List of Chemical Engineering Conferences

International Conference on Sustainable Bioplastics November 10-11, 2016 Alicante, Spain
World Biodiesel Congress & Expo December 05-07, 2016 San Antonio, USA
5th World Congress on Petrochemistry and Chemical Engineering December 05-07, 2016 Phoenix, USA
3rd Annual Congress and Expo on Biofuels and Bioenergy April 27-28, 2017 Dubai, UAE
International Conference on Chemical and Biochemical Engineering June 7-8, 2017 Milan, Italy
2nd World Bioenergy Congress and Expo June 29-30, 2017 Madrid, Spain
6th International Conference on Petroleum Engineering June 29-July 01, 2017 Madrid, Spain
International Conference on Renewable Energy and Resources July 24-26, 2017 Vancouver, Canada
World Conference on Tissue Preservation and Bio-banking  July 27-28, 2017 Vancouver, Canada
5th International Congress on Biofuels and Bioenergy October 2-4, 2017 Toronto, Canada
2nd World Biodiesel Congress & Expo December 7-9, 2017 Atlanta, USA
4th World Congress on Biopolymers September 7-9, 2017 Paris, France
2nd Euro Global Summit and Expo on Biomass September 28-29, 2017 Brussels, Belgium
5th International Conference on Bioprocess and Bio Therapeutics September 25-27 2017 Jackson Ville, USA
5th International Conference and Exhibition on Biopolymers and Bioplastics October 19-21, 2017 San Francisco, USA
2nd International Conference on Sustainable Bioplastics September 25-27, 2017 Frankfurt, Germany
7thWorld Congress on Petrochemistry and Chemical Engineering November 13-15, 2017 Atlanta, USA
6th International Congress on Biofuels, Bioenergy and Bioeconomy December 04-06-2017 Sao Paulo, Brazil
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The Journal acts as a free source of reference and retrieval for researchers and academicians in several research areas of Chemical Engineering. The Chemical Engineering Journals mainly concentrates on chemical reaction engineering, environmental chemical engineering, and materials synthesis and processing. The academic journals also provide a sneak-peek into the various synthetics and associated compounds that are ideal for various industrial and manufacturing processes. Most of the scholarly Journals of OMICS International is indexed in famous indexing services like PubMed, ISI, Scopus, AGORA, Gale, ProQuest, Chemical Abstracts, and HINARI etc. Highly qualified strong editorial board members of the Journal of Chemistry assess the manuscripts that the authors submit online.

OMICS International has been successful in making its blemish in scientific community with 700 peer-reviewed journals, 50000 Editorial Board, publishing more than 13000 articles in a year which are accessible to more than 100000 scholars worldwide through World Wide Web. It is also a leading scientific event organizer, organizes over 1000 Scientific Conferences all over the world annually with the support from 1000 scientific associations.

The top best open access Chemical Engineering Journals provide a golden opportunity to the scientific community to distribute their work rapidly without relinquishing the quality with the help of an able Editorial Manager System. Chemical Engineering journals are sustainable source of knowledge for the hidden aspects of natural phenomena occurring in environment and its related systems. OMICS International scholarly chemistry journals have been initiated to address various research aspects in the field of Chemical Engineering.

OMICS International Journals of Chemical Engineering is classified into various streams that focus on multiple branches of Chemical Engineering. The scholarly journal, Thermodynamics & Catalysis Journal deals with the latest discoveries and rationalization of thermodynamic properties in chemical energy systems and the role of catalysts in exothermic and endothermic chemical reactions. Chemical Engineering and Process Technology section presents papers dealing with topics in environmental chemical and process engineering. Bioprocessing & Biotechniques involves Treatment and environmental separation processes, pollution control and resources recovery, environmental bioprocesses, bioenergy, environmental nanotechnology, clean process technology and waste minimization. Advanced Chemical Engineering deals with different aspects of the preparation and characterization of advanced materials. Novel physical and chemical methods of synthesis will be covered, as well as the processes used to obtain materials of different morphologies (particles, films, fibers), and to modify their surface and structural properties, always from a chemical engineering point of view.