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Biochemistry Journals

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Located in the Europe, Italy is a parliamentary republic. Italy is referred to as The Boot due to its shape. It is located in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea and is bordered by France, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia, San Marino and Vatican City.

The Apennine Mountains and Alps surround the country and its highest point is located on Mont Blanc. The country is located at the intersection of Eurasian Plate and the African Plate, which contribute to the considerable seismic and volcanic activity. Out of the fourteen volcanoes in the country, four are active.

Italy has the eighth largest economy in the world. It has a capitalist mixed economy. It is the leading country in world trade and exports and is considered as one of the most industrialised countries in the world. The country is famous for its high-quality automobile, machinery, food, design and fashion industry.

Italy biochemistry journals list focuses on the biochemistry, biophysical chemistry, and molecular biology. Biochemistry journals Italy also cover structure, function, and regulation of biologically active molecules; gene structure & expression; biochemical mechanisms and many more. Italy has a history of 20 Nobel laureates in various fields of Chemistry, Economics, Peace, Literature, Physiology and Medicine. The National Council of Research supports and collaborates the research in chemistry and related fields. Some of the other major institutes that contributed to the list of biochemistry journals include University of Basilicata, University of Bari, University of Bologna, etc. The research on biochemistry is made available world-wide by various biochemistry journals which publish the relative extensive research. The list of biochemistry journals Italy plays a crucial role in spreading the unique research on biochemistry.