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Biochemistry Journals

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The Republic of Turkey is largely located in the western Asia. Ankara is its capital city, while Turkish Lira is its currency. Turkey is a democratic, secular, diverse country with rich cultural heritage. Turkey is known for its significant geostrategic importance due to its location at the crossroads of Europe and Asia.

Turkey is the 37th largest country in terms of area. The country is surrounded by sea on its 3 sides. It has considerable species and habitat diversity owing to its extra-ordinary ecosystem.

Turkey's largely free-market economy is increasingly driven by its industry and service sectors, although its traditional agriculture sector still accounts for about 25% of employment. Turkey offers generous incentives for R&D activities which are published in list of biochemistry journals. In order to obtain significant operational and fiscal benefits from R&D activities, it is important to create clear idea of which activities in Turkey are deemed as R&D activity. Developing new products, materials, supplies, devices, equipment, procedures and systems through new methods and producing new techniques and prototypes through design and drawing studies, Software activities based on new and original designs, Researching and developing new productions, methods, processes and procedures etc.

Biochemistry has always been a subject of central importance in science, due to its position as a link between chemistry and biology, medical sciences and biotechnology. All the research work is published in the biochemistry journals list of Turkey. The best universities for biology and biochemistry show strength in producing research in the field and have top-notch reputations. The field of biology and biochemistry includes many subjects, such as anatomy, physiology and pathology, which all share a core mission of analysing the science of life. Numerous biochemistry journals are published from Turkey with good reputation. The top universities of Tukey publish their research and development work in list of biochemistry journals Turkey. Many conferences also occur on Biochemistry journals Turkey. The Department of Biochemistry at the University of Ege in Turkey was first founded in 1978 as “Biochemistry and Biochemical Engineering Department” under the constitution of Faculty of Chemistry.