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Large Volume Holding of Water at Surface is Potent Anti-Dote to Pollution and Health Hazards | OMICS International
ISSN: 2167-7719
Air & Water Borne Diseases
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Large Volume Holding of Water at Surface is Potent Anti-Dote to Pollution and Health Hazards

Deepak Bhattacharya*

Sri Radha Krishna, Kedar Gouri Road, Bhubaneswar, Orissa, India

*Corresponding Author:
Deepak Bhattacharya
Sri Radha Krishna, Kedar Gouri Road
Bhubaneswar 751002, Orissa, India
Tel: 91-8895997259, 8658248606

Received Date: February 20, 2017; Accepted Date: February 23, 2017; Published Date: March 01, 2017

Citation: Bhattacharya D (2017) Large Volume Holding of Water at Surface is Potent Anti-Dote to Pollution and Health Hazards. Air Water Borne Dis 6:134. doi: 10.4172/2167-7719.1000134

Copyright: © 2017 Bhattacharya D. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited.

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Hydrostatic pressure; Sedimentation; Pollutants; Precipitation


It is well known that water and air-borne diseases are related to stagnant water at surface and to relative humidity. Stagnant water bodies have also been related to diseases among the veterinary subpopulations. In this Short Note we take independent view. Last week in the California valley USA – now being theorized as a possible Impact Valley created due to meteorite impact! [1] - a dam was said to be under stress and very large amount of water had to be flash released via the spill way into river Sacramento which was dying. It got a flushing cleansing. It has become neat and cleans in much of its length. 50yrs before present Sacramento flood plain and Calif valley had much foliage. It was almost forested a century ago, including ferns. Today it is all gone, being replaced with paddy land and concrete islands. Under advice from this author, a few years The Indian Government had also engineered a Flash Flushing of river Yamuna (the river of New Delhi). It led to cleansing and many a downstream good [2]. Also, reduces virus and bacterial endemics and pandemics. This means, thin film water bodies can be used also to periodically cleanse very large regions (downstream) that are inhabited by high census and or are extremely productive from socio-economic perspective. Water bodies are also related to global warming, climate change and also to atmospheric chemistry (aerosols) eventually effecting health care. Absence of thin film water bodies because adiabatic condition leading to aridity and desertification mechanics in a boundary less uncontrollable ways [3]. These apart let us consider other less known and unknown aspects of ‘thin film water bodies’, including health care. A dam a day is the gate way.

Short Communication

Water (H2O) is Newtonian fluid. In dynamic state (agitation) its ability to absorb dissolved solids and retain suspended solids upregulates in a commensurate manner. Higher toxic moieties of the pollutants either have low molecular weight or have greater specific gravity (general rule). Lower Dalton and greater specific gravity exerts a higher cohesive thrust and tend to precipitate (buoyancy failure) in the absence of convective agitation (in stream flow and in continuously-used wells such phenomena happens least). Therefore, swift flowing stream and continuously heavy use public wells will have heightened ability to attract, retain and propagate pollutants and toxins. Anthropogenic activity generated pollutants normally end up in community streams (via sewerage/soak pits). On the other hand, large Dalton and reactive/toxins like Arsenic (from soil/nature) tend to rise to the surface/embankment sides, due osmosis and capillary action. There is no escape. Much of the pollutants are stable moieties. As the volume of the aqua media starts reducing the stable moieties undergo ‘flocking’, ‘collation’, and patches form (preferred mechanics). During the period of soil drying virus are released in very large numbers. Onset of summer is marked by hot-cold-wet cycles, which because release of pathogenic and non-pathogenic virus. During summer, the onset of summer, efficiency of evapo-transpiration increases pollutants become get air borne and get transported. They affect the flora and the fauna (in a larger radius around the thin film water body) starting with the ruminant’s → meat and flesh industry. Humans fall ill and get diseased via a delayed action mechanism e.g., mad cow disease {aberated Prion}); numerous get afflicted directly e.g., swain flu (H1 series, etc), which keeps happening annually effecting large domains. All High Dalton toxins affect the gut, genitals, and the skeleton. All low Dalton/stable toxins have preferred affinity for the smooth muscles; prime organs; plasma; pass the placenta and the blood – brain barrier. Toxins trigger mutagenesis cancer; genesis of virulent viruses (which also cause cancer, life style debilitating maladies and obstinate allergies. Thus, there is a loop and also cascade. It is natural and massive in scale.

If we look back to India’s heritage in water body and surface humidity management (plain area specific) we note that (north-tosouth; east-to-west) in various historical periods (i) surface flow arresting (ii) holding of water in numerous, large, shallow ponds was the practice. Now, surface flow arresting is needed to generate a large water body. Which in turn down-regulates convective flow cum carrying capacity resulting in precipitation. This is turn triggers ‘clarification’ of the fluid. The annually non-drying water body develops intensive eutrophication (which the Neapolitan water management expert considers as ‘BAD’). A subsequent annual or seasonal episode of ‘eutrophication’ breaks and degenerate’s the precipitated toxins. Hence benthic biological(s) such as the Magur (fish); prawns (crustaceans) are able to live and grow. That water mass (sweet/brackish) attracts avians e.g., Chilika brackish water lake attracts avians in millions from Arctic- Siberia regions. Because of the repeat episodes (caused by diurnally fluctuating salinity) the pathogenic virus load is almost nothing. Hence, the susceptible species of avians prefer. The edges of such water bodies also get loaded with healthy marshy floral growth and clear water because the marshy - flora do not assist the surface wave lets (generated due to wind action) to become convective/scouring near potable water. When agitated → not. . A non eutrified thin film water body will tend to generate ideal conditions for ‘Bird flu’ (virus caused; H5 series). Note: H= Hemagglutinin; N= Neuraminidase.

Thin film water when held at surface more efficiently charges the lower atmosphere with humidity, which is directly beneficial to human welfare on a very large and diffuse scale during the dry winter-Loo seasons. Down turns genesis of Heat Wave and Sun Stroke amidst the flora-fauna-anthropomorphs (macro-area/locally). In the ancientmedieval Indian states like Kalinga; Chola; Chalukya; Vigaynagara - the Gajapati kings (also Pallavas→Chola, Deccan) are seen noted to have taken gigantic steps in developing unique (unbelievable) and ingenious hydraulic devices, and flow budgeting cum water management concepts - with such objectives. Herein, the term ‘king’ ‘state’ represents the then cumulative wisdom/intangible heritage [4]; represent history of sciences. When done in coastal conditions even saline percolation or leaching ceases. Moreover, eutrified slurry also acts as an toxin trap for the stagnant fluid percolating into sub-surface to form ground water table. Wells beside (age old) community ponds historically have excellent potable water. In this regard, the Heritage of India stands misunderstood and paralysed by the working models of the Plan-programs (which are mostly ~ donor driven/ funded by extra mural Bankers/non Gandhians) [5].


(i) Static Newtonian fluids auto clarify in hydraulic structures having breadth dimension that far out measures depth dimension. A natural, efficient precipitation cum clarification process sets in. However, at B1• 6:1D ratio and less, tends to auto slow down→ fail natural eutrophication pathway(s) due to very high hydrostatic pressure. A sort of Fibonacci numerical cut off (ii) Clarification de-pollutes; detoxes and even makes the fluid ‘inert’ as alike ‘water for injection’ (iii) Precipitated matter causes eutrophication (iv) Eutrophication thwarts ion mediated and/ or static electricity based ‘flocking or collation of similar pollutants/ toxins and patch formation in benthic envira (v) Pascal’s effect causes size based sedimentation. Low Dalton-smaller matter forms super slimy crust (vi) Eutrification proceeds from the crust (vii) Assists genesis of nontoxic slurry ~ panka (viii) eutrified slurry film at pond bottom also acts as ‘versatile filter’; charges water table with potable quality (ix) Sun dried eutrified slurry is amorphous; non carbonous; inefficient heat conductor; inotropic bed cum weak semi-conductor (x) Excellent moisture retaining property; soil binder cum mass enhancer (xi) Is a good compost / organic manure candidate – although of mixed source (xii) Hand or skin touchable ~ non-hazardous to dermis epidermis [6]. Therefore, the Hindu lunar calendar in the month of Falgun - krisna pakhya (Feb-Mar-Waning phase 11th day) has a tithi (date) termed as Panka Udharan Ekadasi (slurry extrition quaternary phase). Agro-meteorologically, February has the lowest air humidity and soil moisture in the Indian sub-continent north at 150 latitude (approximately). Save and except the arctic regions sea water is saline. Manmade thin film water bodies are all sweet. It is joy. As mankind marches ahead with engorging prosperity and enlarging census the disadvantages, risks and contradictions of thin film water bodies are miniscule as compared to the advantages. Further, water damming upregulates youth employment on a permanent basis; with irrigation and safe hydro power. Therefore, a dam a day is the gate way or away.


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