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Description of the country
The ceremonious name of United Kingdom is United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The population of UK is around 65 million and English is the most spoken language. London is the capital of UK.

Geography of the country
Wales, England and Scotland together form the UK along with one province Northern Ireland. UK is surrounded by the North Sea, the English Channel and the Atlantic Ocean. The UK is spread on an area of approximately 243,610 sq kms. The weather of the UK is unpredictable. It has rainfall all year round.

Status of economy, research and development
UK is the 5th enormous economy in the world and the 2nd largest in Europe preceded by Germany. Command centers of UK are London, New York and Tokyo. Tourism is the most important in British economy. The automotive industry, aerospace industry and pharmaceutical industry play a major role in UK economy. Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, James Clerk Maxwell, Stephen Hawking, Henry Cavendish, Alexander Fleming, Francis Crick, James Watt, George Stephenson, Richard Arkwright, Robert Stephenson and Isambard Kingdom Brunel, Richard Trevithick and Andrew Vivian, Alexander Graham Bell and many more are the famous scientists from UK. It has produced 118 Nobel laureates so far. Cambridge and oxford universities are the top universities offering pediatrics course along with many other universities.