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Environment Pollution and Climate Change- Open Access Journals
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Environment Pollution and Climate Change
Open Access

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Environmental Toxicology
Texas Southern University

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Antonio Lonigro
Department of Agricultural and Environmental Science
University of Bari

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Diego Pablo Ruiz
Apllied physics
Faculty of sciences
University of Granada

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Xuekun Fang

College of Environmental & Resource Sciences
Zhejiang University

About the Journal

Environmental pollution refers to the contamination of ecosystem and the surrounding atmosphere by different forms of pollutants (Chemicals and energies). Climate change refers to the variation in normal weather patterns caused due to pollution. The issue of environmental pollution and climate change has become an international concern due to their unfavorable affects to the physical and biological entities of the environment.

‘Environment Pollution and Climate Change’ is an international, open access research journal that convers several problems, associated risks, remediation methods and techniques pertaining to air, water, soil, noise, thermal, radioactive and light pollutions and climate change. This peer reviewed journal reports original and novel research observations in regard to environmental pollution and climate change thereby contributing to the new knowledge addition in the field.


The Atmosphere is a blend of nitrogen (78%), oxygen (21%), and different gasses (1%) that encompasses earth. High over the planet, the climate gets to be more slender until it reaches space. It is partitioned into five layers. The majority of the climate and mists are found in the principal layer.
Atmosphere is the main shield of earth which protects it from sun's harmful radiations.

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Ecosystem may be defined as a biological community in which a group of living life forms live in conjunction with the nonliving segments of their surroundings (things like air, water and mineral soil), associating as a system.These biotic and abiotic parts are viewed as connected together through supplement cycles and vitality flows.
Ecosystem is characterized by the system of interactions among living beings, and amongst life forms and their environment. Ecosystem provides us huge amount of useful goods and benefits upon which each and every life form depends. Ecosystem management principles helps us to know that instead of managing individual species, natural resources should be managed at ecosystem level.

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Global warming is the expansion of earth's normal surface temperature because of impact of greenhouse gasses,such as carbon dioxide outflows from smoldering fossil powers or from deforestation, which trap heat that would some way or the other escape from earth. This is a kind of greenhouse effect.

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Environmental pollution is the tainting of the physical and organic segments of the earth/air framework to such a degree, that ordinary natural procedures are antagonistically influenced.
Pollution is the introduction of pollutants into the environment that can cause harm or uneasiness to mankind or other living creatures and can also adversely affect usefullness of a resources of earth. Pollutants can be synthetic substances, or energy, for example: noise, heat or light.
Environmental pollution is of various types:
Air pollution, Water pollution, Noise pollution, Light pollution, Thermal pollution, Radioactive pollution, Soil pollution, Visual pollution, Plastic pollution etc.

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The ecological effect of pesticides comprises of the impacts of pesticides on non-target species. More than 98% of showered bug sprays and 95% of herbicides achieve a goal other than their objective species, since they are splashed or spread crosswise over whole farming fields. Runoff can convey pesticides into sea-going situations while wind can convey them to different fields, eating ranges, human settlements and undeveloped territories, potentially influencing different species.

Different issues rise up out of poor generation, transport and storage practices. Over time, repeated application expands pest resistance, while its consequences for different species can encourage the pest resurgence.

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Water Pollution is the global issue. Metro cities throughout the world are suffering from water loss. As the harmful effluents dumped in water through major Civilizations has created a hazard and a global topic for concern.

Waste product from factories, harmful chemicals from industries, dumping of household waste, dumping of medical and other hazardous waste directy into the water results in the deterioration of quality of water which ultimately leads to loss of drinking water and even deaths of various life forms.

Aquatic life forms mainly suffer beacause of water pollution because of loss of enough amount of fresh dissolved oxygen in water bodies due to raised volume of toxicity in water. Toxicity which is a result of water pollution leads to death of aquatic life forms. 

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Introduction of Particulates, Biological substances, or other harmful materials into atmosphere is refered to as Air pollution.

These pollutants may result in allergies, threats to other life forms and even deaths.
Air pollution may even damage natural or built environment, animals, plants and crops.It may arise from both natural and human generated activities.

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Noise pollution or noise aggravation is the exasperating or over the top commotion that may hurt the action or adjust of human or creature life. The wellspring of most outside noise worldwide is primarily brought up by machines and transportation frameworks, engine vehicles, air ship, and trains. Outdoor clamor is outlined by the word ecological noise. Poor urban arranging may offer ascent to noise pollution, since one next to the other modern and private structures can bring about commotion in the local locations

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Rainfall is a natural phenomenon by which earths water is circulated back to various water bodies in form of droplet. When water vapour rises up and gets condensed precipitation occurs which is called as rainfall.

Rain water when mixed with smoke of burning coal and other fossil fuels which contains waste gases such as sulphur and nitrogen oxides, gives rise to acid which falls on earth in form acidic rainfall.

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Climate change is an adjustment in the normal or average weather of a region or city. This could be an adjustment in an area's normal yearly precipitation. On the other hand it could be an adjustment in an area's normal temperature for a given month or season.
Climate change is brought about by variables, for example, biotic procedures, variation in sunlight based radiation recieved by Earth, plate tectonics, and volcanic eruptions. Certain human activities have likewise been distinguished as critical reasons for recent climate change, often referred to as global warming.

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Logging, clearance or clearing is the expulsion of a forest, woodland or stand of trees where the area is from that point changed over to a non-timberland use. Case of deforestation incorporate change of forestland to ranches, farms, or urban use. Tropical rainforests where the most concentrated deforestation occurs.

Logging related journals:
Nature, Oxford journals, Plos one.


Drought is a deceptive risk of nature. It is frequently alluded to as a "creeping phenomenon" and its effects fluctuate from area to district. Drought can along these lines be troublesome for individuals to get it. In the most broad sense, drought begins from an insufficiency of precipitation over an expanded time frame - typically a season or more- - bringing about a water deficiency for some action, bunch, or natural segment. Its effects result from the transaction between the characteristic occasion (less precipitation than anticipated) and the interest individuals place on water supply, and human exercises can exacerbate the impacts of drought. Since dry season can't be seen exclusively as a physical marvel, it is generally characterized both conceptually and operationally.
Drought is an extended time of lacking precipitation bringing about broad harm to crops, bringing about loss of yield

Drought related journals:
Climate change related journals: NATURE, Global Change Biology, Journal of Climate, CLIMATIC CHANGE, Climate Dynamics, International Journal of Climatology , Weather and Climate Extremes


Disaster management (or crisis management) is the production of arrangements through which groups diminish defenselessness to risks and adapt to disasters. Disaster management does not deflect or take out the dangers; rather, it concentrates on making arrangements to diminish the impact of calamities. Inability to make an arrangement could prompt human mortality, lost income, and harm to resources. As of now in the United States 60 percent of organizations don't have emergency management plans. events on which disater management focuses includes acts of terrorism, industrial sabotage, fire, natural disasters (such as earthquakes, hurricanes, etc.), public disorder, industrial accidents, and communication failures.

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Waste disposal is every one of the exercises and activities required to oversee waste from its beginning to its last disposal. This includes amongst different things, gathering, transport, treatment and transfer of waste together with checking and direction. It likewise envelops the lawful and administrative system that identifies with waste management including direction on reusing and so on.

The term for the most part identifies with a wide range of waste, whether created during the extraction of crude materials, the preparing of crude materials into intermediate and final items, the utilization of definite items, or other human activities, including civil (private, institutional, business), farming, and social (medicinal services, family risky squanders, sewage sludge). Waste administration is proposed to diminish unfavorable impacts of waste on well being, nature or aesthetics.

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The ozone layer, ozone shield or ozonosphere is a locale of Earth's stratosphere that retains the greater part of the Sun's bright (UV) radiation. It contains high centralizations of ozone (O3) in connection to different parts of the atmosphere, albeit still little in connection to different gasses in the stratosphere.

The ozone layer was found in 1913 by the French physicists Charles Fabry and Henri Buisson. The ozone layer ingests 97 to 99 percent of the Sun's medium-frequency bright light (from around 200 nm to 315 nm wavelength), which generally would conceivably harm exposed life forms close to the surface.

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Gasses covered under the 1987 Montreal Protocol and utilized for refrigeration, ventilating, bundling, insulation, solvents, or aeroslo propellants . Since they are not wrecked in the lower atmosphere, CFCs float into the upper atmosphere where, given reasonable conditions, they destroy ozone layer. These gasses are being supplanted by different mixes: hydrochlorofluorocarbons, an interval substitution for CFCs that are likewise secured under the Montreal Protocol, and hydrofluorocarbons, which are covered under the Kyoto Protocol. Every one of these substances are additionally greenhouse gasses.

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