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Open access chemistry journals provides a highly dynamic platform for the dissemination of latest research developments in the field of basic and applied concepts of chemistry, with special reference to their implication in allied branches of chemical science viz. physical chemistry, analytical chemistry, biochemistry, organic and inorganic chemistry, material chemistry etc. Open access journals are the best medium of publication of these scholarly articles, especially because they ensure worldwide dispersal of the knowledge, increased readership and a simultaneous increase in the number of researchers who imply the concepts published in further research studies. All the published articles in these open access journals are freely accessible to each and every one irrespective of their geographic location via internet.

List of Chemistry Conferences

World Congress on Carbon and Advanced Energy Materials, Sydney, Australia

6th International Conference on Physical and Theoretical Chemistry, Amsterdam, Netherlands

8th Global Conference on Mass Spectrometry, Osaka, Japan

20th World Congress on Nutrition and Food Chemistry, London, UK

12th International Conference & Expo on Chromatography Techniques, Berlin, Germany

5th Pharmaceutical Chemistry conference, Prague, Czech Republic

18th International Conference and Exhibition on Materials Science and Chemistry, Berlin, Germany

9th International Conference on Mass Spectrometry and Chromatography, Barcelona, Spain

22nd International Conference on Green Chemistry and Technology, Barcelona, Spain

19th International Conference on Electrochemistry, Rome, Italy

7th International Conference on Organic and Inorganic Chemistry, Geneva, Switzerland

20th World Congress on Medicinal Chemistry and Drug Design, Rome, Italy

9th World Congress on Mass Spectrometry, Rome, Italy

11th World Congress on Green Chemistry and Technology, Geneva, Switzerland

International Conference on Chemistry, Prague, Czech Republic

10th European Chemistry Congress, Vienna, Austria

11th International Conference on Chemistry, Florence, Italy

7th International Conference and Exhibition on Natural Products and Medicinal Plants Research, Barcelona, Spain

20th World Congress on Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry, London, United Kingdom

13th Global Experts Meeting on Chemistry and Drug Design, Tokyo, Japan

7th International Conference and Exhibition on Polymer Chemistry & Biopolymers, Paris, France

World Congress on Advanced Materials and Nano-Technology, Vancouver, Canada

16th European Organic Chemistry Congress, London, UK

4th World Congress on Polymer Chemistry, Barcelona, Spain

3rd International Conference on Chemistry Education and Research, Prague, Czech Republic

11th World Congress on Chemistry, Rome, Italy

World Congress on Plasma Chemistry and Plasma Processing, Milan, Italy

19th International Conference on Industrial Chemistry and Water Treatment, Milan, Italy

22nd International Conference on Medicinal Chemistry, Drug Discovery & Drug Delivery, Montreal, Canada

World Congress on Polymers and Functional Materials, Auckland, New Zealand

7th International Conference on Physical and Theoretical Chemistry, Vienna, Austria

10th World Conference on Separation Techniques & Formulation Reports, Vienna, Austria

4th International Conference on Mass Spectrometry, Capetown, South Africa

9th Global Summit on Mass Spectrometry, Munich, Germany

International Conference on Pure & Applied Chemistry, Tokyo, Japan

12th International conference on Quantum Physics and Computing, Paris, France

18th International Expo on Laser Optics & Photonics, Paris, France

international congress on geotechinical engineering & Geographic Information Sysytem, Osaka, Japan

4th International Conference on Organic Chemistry, Singapore, Singapore

8th International Conference on Catalysis and Reaction Engineering, Lisbon, Portugal

11th International Conference on Green Chemistry and Engineering, Berlin, Germany

21st International Conference on Industrial Chemistry and Aqua Technology, London, UK

15th World Conference on Pharmaceutical Chemistry, London, UK

Global Meet on Green and Sustainable Chemistry, Sydney, Australia

2nd International Conference on Mass Spectrometry and Chromatography, Abu Dhabi, UAE

10th World Congress on Mass Spectrometry & Analytical Techniques, Paris, France
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