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Cancers Cured by Bio Electrons Photons | OMICS International
ISSN 2472-0429
Advances in Cancer Prevention

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Cancers Cured by Bio Electrons Photons

Nick Kostovicm*

Department of Cancer Research, Bio Technological Health Centre, Inc. 3838 Carson Street, Suite 307 Torrance, CA 90503, Los Angeles, USA

*Corresponding Author:
Kostovic N
Department of Cancer Research Bio Technological Health Centre
Inc. 3838 Carson Street, Suite 307 Torrance
CA 90503, Los Angeles, USA
Tel: +1-310-543-0309
Fax: +1-310-540-6946

Received date: August 31, 2016; Accepted date: September 20, 2016; Revised date: September 28, 2016

Citation: Kostovic N (2016) Cancers Cured by Bio Electron’s Photons. Adv Cancer Prev 1:115. doi: 10.4172/2472-0429.1000115

Copyright: © 2016 Kostovic N. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited.

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The K-BTE medical laser device releases sheaves of “biological electricity” through elementary laser beams of bio electron's photons. These sheaves of bio electricity are able to successfully attack and eradicate most types of malignant cancer with metastases including, prostate, breast, lungs, pancreatic, liver, brain, etc. The healthy cells are simultaneously strengthened without any negative side effects. Utilizing the K-BTE medical laser device we release sheaves of laser beams of elementary biological electricity consisting of enriched bio electron's photons sent through biological and mineral agents such as gold, silver and pyrite Fe2. We also send this biological electricity through liquid natural acids, virgin olive oil, fig, and lemon acid, etc. converts these liquid acids ("values of different energetic conductors") into enriched bio electron's photons. We use virgin olive oil because it contains Oleic and Linoleic natural acid, antioxidants and polyphenols. These ingredients are very important in the protection of healthy cells from destructible free radicals.

K-BTE Medical Laser Device in Malignant Cancer Cases

The K-BTE medical laser device releases sheaves of “biological electricity” through elementary laser beams of bio electron's photons. These sheaves of bio electricity are able to successfully attack and eradicate most types of malignant cancer with metastases including, prostate, breast, lungs, pancreatic, liver, brain, etc. The healthy cells are simultaneously strengthened without any negative side effects. Utilizing the K-BTE medical laser device we release sheaves of laser beams of elementary biological electricity consisting of enriched bio electron's photons sent through biological and mineral agents such as gold, silver and pyrite Fe2. We also send this biological electricity through liquid natural acids, virgin olive oil, fig, and lemon acid, etc. converts these liquid acids ("values of different energetic conductors") into enriched bio electron's photons. We use virgin olive oil because it contains Oleic and Linoleic natural acid, antioxidants and polyphenols. These ingredients are very important in the protection of healthy cells from destructible free radicals.

For brain cancer treatments we begin with striking the malignant brain tumor with bio electron's photons enriched with natural acids, in the form of energetic acupuncture/elementary laser beams of biological electricity which penetrates deeply throughout the brain. After many treatments the areas of the brain with lesions and formations are reduced or quite often completely eliminated all with no harm to any healthy brain nerve cells, or any other healthy cells.

Effective Use of K-BTE Medical Laser Device in Malignant Cancer Cases

Patient D, a 69 year old female presented with 6 malignant brain tumors and multiple lesions. This description is one of the most significant examples of healing malignant cancers with the K-BTE medical laser device, after UCLA radio static surgery failed. In December, 2002 Patient D was diagnosed with malignant hemangiopericytoma. She had gone to UCLA, their best treatment was to try to eliminate or block the three presenting brain tumors with Radio Static surgery. Unfortunately radioactive isotopes can nourish and feed tumors. The tumors then stimulated and nourished with the radioactive isotopes multiplied and emerged three more new tumors plus multiple lesions throughout the brain.

One original tumor was located in the occipital region; the other two tumors were in the right frontal region. The additional tumors were growing in the left parasagittal motor and apex of the parietal region and one positioned in the left frontal area. Due to the multiplicity of the lesions, the doctor at UCLA could only suggest radioactive radiation therapy on Patient D’s entire brain. The doctors suggested this highly dangerous treatment and warned her that she had a very bleak prognosis. When the entire brain is treated with radioactive radiation it prevents spinal fluid from clotting. The patients can’t survive for longer than two months and they will begin to lose their memory, suffer hearing loss, gradually become paralyzed, blind, with dramatic weight loss, so must be fed intravenously all of this leading to a very painful death. Patient D declined this second radiation treatment and opted for our bioelectric surgical therapy at the Biotechnological Health Center.

The initial treatment for Patient D was very painful. Our treatment consists of wirelessly sending bio electron’s photons through the skull into the brain. When the bio electron’s photons find oxidized proteins, microbes, cancer, parasites, it burns the unhealthy tissue away from the healthy tissue, which is quite painful for most or very uncomfortable for others. We attack the cancer cells with bio electron’s photons, enriched with fig acids, lemon acids, and Oleic and Linoleic acids. These converted and enriched electrons operate within an elemental energetic form of bioelectricity. Using this newly discovered bio electricity of enriched electrons with natural and amino acids, we wirelessly burned away the cancer cells from the healthy brain tissue without harming any healthy cells, allowing the body to naturally excrete the dead unhealthy cancer cells and oxidized proteins. These elementary energetic values of bio electron’s photons penetrated deep into the brain, efficiently burned the multiple lesions away from the healthy tissue plus destroyed the cancer cells in all six tumors. With each session the pain lessened and became more tolerable. After 58 treatments the multiple lesions were “burned off” and completely destroyed. Three of the oldest tumor masses shrunk and all of the cancer cells were destroyed. The three newer tumors mass formations were totally destroyed and completely eliminated, no longer visible on an MRI. All the unhealthy cells were dispersed and naturally excreted from the body without any negative side effects. Patient D’s brain fully recovered and she was able to return to a normal functioning vital life. This was all accomplished with no harm or injury of any kind to any healthy cells.

Additional 35 treatments were provided to Patient D’s brain, just as a preventive measure, making sure there were no hidden unhealthy cancer cells. Utilizing this same process of transferring elementary laser beams of enriched electrons of “biological electricity” throughout the brain we are able to also strengthen the brain, reviving and regaining the natural neuron’s flow of electrical and motor impulses.

When Patient D, and author visited her former UCLA doctor, their medical records confirmed our unprecedented successful healing process. After Patient D's successful recovery, she continued to live a healthy and vital life for an additional 5 years.

Patient E, a 13 year old female, showed an enlarged pituitary gland with bilobed 1.7 cm tumor mass abutting the optic chiasm, consistent with a macro adenoma. Patient E complained of headaches, she couldn’t watch TV, or read as she had double and sometimes triple vision due to the lesion pressing on the optic nerve (optic chiasm). This pituitary gland tumor mass caused an imbalanced level of TSH487 mU/L (normal TSH 2-3) Hyperthyroidism (over active thyroid) and an increased prolactin registering 49.4 NG/ML and K-BTE medical laser surgical treatment consisted of sending enriched bio electron’s photons in the form of elementary laser beams of biological electricity through biological and mineral agents (gold and pyrite), penetrating deep into the mid brain. The first cycle of 25 sessions of treatment powerfully destroyed the mid brain pituitary gland lesion. The prolactin levels came down to 10.17 NG/ML and TSH levels down to 19.61 mU/L.

The second cycle of 26 sessions, struck the lesion with the same technique. Through this exclusive form of bio electric surgical therapy, we effectively eliminated the extension of the lesion and tumor mass that was affecting the optic chiasm. As a result, the brain blood stream was normalized, vision was improved, and headaches subsided, even her lost menstrual cycle resumed. The bilobed pituitary lesion decreased from 1.7 cm (17 mm) down significantly to 1.05 cm (10.5 mm). Prolactin 13.7 NG/ML and TSH decreased to the appropriate level of 2.65 mU/L. The Hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid) caused by the pituitary gland brain tumor, was effectively returned to within normal range of 2.65 mU/L. The brain completely recovered, this was accomplished without any possibility of reversing or spreading the malignant brain tumor cells, and without any negative side effects. Patient E could again read clearly and watch TV just like before she had the tumor, regaining a fully functioning adolescent life style.

Patient F, a 70 year old female with lung cancer, The mass measured 3.8 cm, on the right lung and had already metastasized. We successfully destroyed metastasis and shrunk tumor mass on 2.8 cm. This continuous striking of the tumor mass with elementary laser beams of bio electricity was completed in 200 sessions.

The goal was to shrink and eradicate the possibility of any further growth. We struck the affected areas of the lung from both the front and the back of the body. Multiple sheaves of elementary laser beams of enriched bio electron’s photons of the biological electricity were administered through biological and mineral agent’s gold and pyrite, effectively penetrating and burning the metastasis and tumor mass. These sheaves of elementary laser’s beams of biological electricity were tremendously supplemented by the elementary energetic values from virgin olive oil, containing Oleic and Linoleic acids, antioxidants and polyphenols. The “burned off malignant cells and tumor masses were effectively destroyed and naturally excreted from the body with no possibility of multiplying or spreading. After the first seven days of treatments she was able to return to her work. For the next few days her daughter drove her to work. But in less than a week she was able to drive herself. She came almost one year for treatments before driving to work. She recovered 100% and was able to have a normal life.

Patient G, 74 year old male’s pathology report showed an aggressive type of prostate carcinoma, with a prognosis of two months left to live. The present level of G lessons score is 4+4, and prostate gland was enlarged and measured 10.5 cm. The inflammation of the prostate gland had been present for the last year, his PSA measured 9.4 points. The patient noted frequent attempts to urinate especially throughout the night.

The K-BTE medical laser device struck the prostate gland and surrounding areas with the bio electric surgical therapy. After 20 sessions of therapy Patient G. had a MRI with and without contrast. Reports confirmed that the patient was cancer free, with no inflammation and the prostate gland showed slightly larger than normal. Blood tests measured PSA levels decrease from 9.4. to 5.6. The prostate gland shrunk from 10.5 cm to 5.5 cm. The 5.0 cm difference consisted of dead cancer cells, dead cells, piles of oxidation proteins and rotten tissue. These piles of oxidized proteins have a crucial impact in the development of rotting tissue and aggressive malignant cancer. These piles of oxidation proteins, unhealthy cells and rotten tissue now “burned away” from the healthy tissue by this unique surgical therapy were then dispersed and naturally excreted from the body creating no harm to any healthy cells and of course with no negative side effects. The vascular system of prostate gland was cleansed of any internal congestion caused by harmful cholesterol. An additional 35 treatments were provided for recovering and regenerating the prostate gland, and weakened bladder, as well as restoring PSA to a normal level. Normal urination was completely restored. The aggressive malignant cancer was totally destroyed; no longer was any threat of spreading to the bladder, the functioning prostate gland restored to normal function.

Patient T, a 54 year female presented with Hypothyroidism with TSH levels of 0.63 (normal TSH 1-3) and a 11 mm nodule on left lobe of thyroid. She was suffering from excessive fatigue and depression though taking Synthroid (0.75 mcg) for several years.

Thyroid gland tumors can develop from different causes yet they are easily evident when imbalanced THS levels are noted. With our bio electric surgical therapy, Hypothyroidism disease (under active thyroid) can be recovered.

We wirelessly release deeply penetrating elementary laser beams of enriched electrons into the thyroid gland and surrounding areas. We cleansed the gland’s congested vascular system of plaque (consisting of layers of unhealthy cholesterol) as well as cleansing the piles of oxidized protein cells and piles of dead cells inside the thyroid gland’s fiber tissues. The thyroid gland’s dying cells was caused by the oxidation of over compressed toxic proteins. Performing this cleansing by bio electric surgical therapy creates more space enabling the oxygen rich protein blood supply to now reach and nourish the healthy and recovering thyroid gland’s fiber tissue. Simultaneously new cells were stimulated and nourished by the elementary ingredients in the biochemical links of enriched bio electron’s photons with natural and amino acids. The superior and inferior thyroid arteries, superior middle and inferior thyroid veins and capillaries were cleansed. As author just mentioned the veins, arteries and capillaries filled with sticky layers of harmful cholesterol (plaque) and clots were cleansed, dispersed and eliminated naturally from the body with no harm to the healthy cells, and without any negative side effects. The tumor cells were killed, the tumor shrunk, the body naturally excreted the burned away unhealthy tissue. After six months the TSH levels began to rise to 0.71, Patient T decided to get off of the Synthroid medication. During the next year using our unique technique of sending bio electron’s photons, we completely eliminated the Hypothyroidism (under active thyroid) and returned the thyroid gland to it’s normal function with TSH levels of 1.76 (within normal range) and the left lobe nodule was reduced from 11 mm to 6 mm. With a normally functioning thyroid and the remaining small dead tumor mass posing no discomfort, Patient T decided to leave it alone. But if Patient T had wanted to, she could have chosen to have it surgically removed, as it no longer posed any risk of spreading live tumor cells. If the tumor was still living, then with any surgical procedure there is a 99% chance of those cells spreading throughout the body.

Patient H is a 61 yr male suffering from planocelulare larynges cancer. The cancer was progressing, the medical report revealed an affected mass of 3.5 cm.

The K-BTE medical laser device was used in our unique energetic cycle consisting of 125 sessions focusing on Patient H’s cancer. We struck the tumor mass simultaneously from both sides of the throat with elementary beams of enriched bio electron’s photons of the biological electricity. The sheaves of enriched elementary beams easily struck the cancer mass, penetrating deeply in the throat area. The mass was reduced; the malignant cells were effectively destroyed, eliminating the possibility of these cells multiplying. This malignant tumor of 3.5 cm mass was ultimately destroyed without any negative side effects. The mass was completely reduced, totally vanished, no longer detected on any MRI or CT scan. Patient H recovered his life 100 percent; he was able to speak and swallow without any pain or discomfort and enjoyed a normal productive life again.

Patient I suffered pancreatic cancer with metastases in the liver. After only 90 sessions (a short treatment) using the K-BTE medical laser device surgical therapy of striking with enriched bio electron’s photons, the tumors in the pancreas were blocked and shrunk. The metastases throughout the pancreas and liver were destroyed and the Patient I regained a fully healthy life.

Patient O was suffering from malignant skin cancer on the face and skull. These malignant unhealthy cells were struck “burned off” by bio electron’s photons enriched with different natural and amino acids. Though Patient O was in a much weakened condition, she reported that the K-BTE treatment was not at all painful. In only two months (we consider this short time use), the skin cancer was completely eliminated, with no scars, no harm to any healthy cells and no negative side effects. Patient O completely recovered, and the cancer didn’t return.

Patient P, 80 years old, suffered from breast cancer. The pills based on a form of chemo therapy had not succeeded in stopping the tumor mass, it swelled from 10 mm to 15 mm. Walter Reed Hospital’s only other option was to suggest surgery.

Patient P refused surgery and came to my office in Fredericksburg VA, in March of 2011.

Performing the K-BTE medical laser device’s surgical therapy, we released bio electricity enriched bio electron’s photons, penetrating through the skin, killing the unhealthy cancerous cells and significantly shrinking the breast tumor from 15 mm down to 8 mm. Patient P avoided surgery and returned to her normal health and vitality. Treatments were short term, consisting of only 15 treatments.

For the last 17 years The Bio Technological Health Center, Inc. has been highly successful in treating affected malignant cancers, and metastases very efficiently with our unique cleansing and healing process. Since 1998 this method has successfully performed on over fifty different types of cancer. These life threatening cancers including brain, throat, breast, lung, pancreatic, liver, kidney, adenocarcinoma prostate and colon were successfully treated. In most cases treatment was completed without the possibility of the cancer reversing or spreading, never any negative side effects and of course never any harm to the healthy cells. But instead, nourishing the healthy cells with these bio electron’s photons, helping them to survive and multiply. Released amino and natural acids enriched bio electron's photons stimulates, nourishes and restores the healthy fiber cells of injured muscle tissue within ailing physical organs thereby restoring and regaining their normal functioning. When the human body is healed and cleansed from these unhealthy cancer cells, piles of dead cells and plaque, we have won the most important battle against the aging process. With our extraordinary K-BTE laser medical device we are preventing the deterioration and decline of the human body allowing us to regain and retain vitality and longer lasting life.

This highly successful healing process is also used as an adjunct tool in the early detection of illnesses in the brain or other physical organs. The K-BTE device keenly reveals damaged areas affected with unhealthy (parasites, microbes, infections) cells. MRI's and other diagnostic equipment are not always able to detect the very early origin of many diseases, but we are able to penetrate and precisely locate the beginnings of deterioration and disease. We can easily detect these "hot spots" of unhealthy cells growing because the patient feels a pain when we pass the device over the area. As the cleansing process on the affected unhealthy area begins to heal, the discomfort lessens and when the pain has vanished the healing treatments are completed. The once affected painful areas now feel comfortable with the biological electricity. Patients comment that it feels like a nice energetic massage. Most importantly besides killing these cancers, these improvements restore bodily functions; regain mobility while bringing vitality and health back into the patient’s life. The improvements are long lasting, but we advise the patient to check his/her condition yearly for a one month course of prevention treatment. The effectiveness of this advanced technology is unmatched throughout the world. The K-BTE medical laser device is a uniquely effective tool, capable of healing numerable illnesses, resulting in significant relief and mitigation of symptoms based on demonstrated sufficient and valid scientific evidence. The enriched bio electron’s photons of the biological electricity are revolutionary in the field of energetic medicine. The KBTE device as labeled will provide clinically significant results while presenting no risk of illness, injury or any negative side effects associated with the use of this device. These enriched bio electron’s photons radiation emitting process is absolutely non–radioactive, and is certainly not shock therapy.

Author would like to delve into a little more detail of this unique technological treatment. The K-BTE Medical Laser Device is created in a proprietary method where we assemble in a special circuitry 120 VDC/ AC/RC-reverse current (canceling the magnetic from the electric), which then is transferred through (H2O) water. After deleting the magnetic aspect we extract the bio electrons from this water (H2O electric fluid), controlling their direction and strength (Micro and Nano amperes frequency). Our KBTE Device's maximum strength output among the first energetic field and the second energetic field are 2DC (Direct Current), producing Micro Amperes, the maximum level is 15DC Micro Amperes, with an average of 8.5 DC. Lastly we add in extracted bio electron’s photons enriched with a number of natural and amino acids. We incorporate these natural acids into our Biological Agents Device.

Today’s scientific formula for electromagnetic current power is: I=V:R (I=current; V=Voltages and R=Human resistance to ground in Ohms). Today's standard technological advanced medical surgeries use lasers which can only perform at the strength/frequency of Mili Amperes, which is: 1A= 1,000 Mili Amperes. Please understand that if the human body’s resistance to ground is 1,000 Ohms (wet) and using 120 Voltages which is 1.2 Mili Amperes or 1,200 Micro Amperes, then it’s threshold impact, would result in electric shock and death. This is today’s current official technological development in laser medicine.

This measured current is confirmed for the body’s resistance from 1,000 Ohms/wet/to 100,000 Ohms/dry/or more, it just doesn’t matter anymore wet or dry. The severity of any lethal shock is absolutely eliminated as these voltages cannot produce a dangerous shock. The technician’s hands feel a slight tingling sensation.

The client’s hands on the first energetic field feels a slight repelling action (not an attracting sensation), because we have separated electro from electromagnetic industrial electricity converting it in what I term “bio electricity”.

The KBTE medical laser device is such an innovative discovery due to this special circuitry of DC/direct current/, AC/alternating current/ and RC/reverse current/. Knowing the human body’s resistance to ground could be 1,000 Ohms (wet) yet using 120 voltages of AC, we very safely produce the gentle effect of 12-15 Micro Amperes (DC). By utilizing this newly discovered Reverse Current and being now able to separate electro from magnetic we prevent electromagnetic shock. Utilizing our K-BTE device’s gentle Micro Amperes frequency we can effectively burn off and disperse dead cells and oxidized proteins from healthy fiber tissue. This frequency is 10,000 times less in strength than today’s standard medical laser technology. These energetic acupuncture type penetrations on the surface of the skin are soft, not at all electric shock. It doesn’t matter the human body’s resistance is 1,000 Ohm / wet/, or 100,000 Ohm/dry/ or more, it just doesn’t matter anymore because we are producing such a low frequency in Micro Amperes. We can even bring it down further to the Nano Amperes frequency which is 1 billionth of the amplitude.

On a daily basis our cells replicate, multiply and die. When we are young our bodies can disperse and excrete all the dead cells of our fiber tissue. We have cells that eat these dead cells and oxidized proteins from the fiber tissue. But with aging the dead cells are produced faster than the aging body can excrete them and they pile up. The oxygen and protein rich blood supply is prevented from interacting with the fiber tissues due to this buildup of dead cells. These nourishing proteins become oxidized proteins. These oxidized proteins become our number one enemy, as they attract parasites, microbes and bacteria’s etc. So now the human body not only has dying fiber tissue, the building blocks of muscle tissue, but we also have different diseases developing. If we are not able to cleanse this declining fiber tissue from the dead cells and oxidized proteins, then the fiber tissue will die, creating a domino like effect killing more and more fiber tissues, the building blocks of the muscles and organs of the human body.

For the first time in the history of humanity our discovery enables us to maintain the vitality of the physical organs. As author clearly outlined the K-BTE’s biological electrical acupuncture treatment first cleanses the fiber tissues by burning away the dead cells and oxidized proteins from the healthy fiber tissue, allowing the body to disperse and excrete them naturally from the body. The healthy blood supply can now finally reach and nourish the healthy fiber tissue. Simultaneously the K-BTE medical laser device sends bio electron’s photons stimulating new daughter cells (mitosis) to multiple and divide. Using the Biological Agent Device we release sheaves of elementary laser beams of biological electricity with enriched electrons. We enrich the electrons with biological and mineral agents such as gold, silver and pyrite-Fe2 and converted amino acids. We use various liquid natural acids such as virgin olive oil, fig acid, and lemon, etc. into an energetic form of enriched electrons. We biochemically charge these natural acids converting them into a light wrapping surrounding the electrons. Extracted from the H20 electric fluid and coated with the converted natural acids (light charged), these electrons become bio electron’s photons, which we are capable to absolutely control and direct into the patient’s tissue, nourishing and invigorating the healthy cells while killing the unhealthy cells. Author hope this has helped you gain a better understanding of this uniquely innovative healing modality (Supplementary Information) (Figures 1-3).


Figure 1: K-BTE Medical device.


Figure 2: K-BTE Machine circuit diagram.


Figure 3: Fluke true RMS multimeter.


Recently we registered our nonprofit organization, "Kostovic Bio- Electric Laser Institute”. We are now revealing our technology worldwide with plans to open institutes nationally and internationally.

We are proud to state this technology is the most efficient nonsurgical treatment in the world. As author have outlined, the effectiveness of our K-BTE medical laser device, far exceeds traditional medical practices in any major hospital throughout the world.

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