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Lin Li

Lin Li Lin Li
Clemson University
United States

Education and work experience:
•Research Associate (Biophysics), Clemson University, 2013-now
•Post Doct (Biophysics), Clemson University, 2011-2013
•Ph.D. (Biophysics), Huazhong University of Science and Technology, 2005-2011
Research experience:
DelPhi Development: DelPhi is a widely used Poisson Boltzmann Equation solver. I have developed a Gaussian smooth method to DelPhi software, which is used to model the inhomogeneous dielectric properties of macromolecules. This method has been proved to be more accurate than the traditional 2-dielectric constant methods.

MEMPOT: A Membrane Potential (MEMPOT) tool is developed and implemented into DelPhi program. Using this MEMPOT tool, one can easily calculate the electrostatic potential distribution across the membrane.

ASPDock: He have developed a docking algorithm (ASPDock) to calculate binding free energy of protein complexes, which improves the accuracy of prediction effectively. Comparisons with other state-of-the-art docking algorithms showed that ASP score indeed gives higher success rate than the pure shape complementarity score of FTDock.

SRM: He also developed a Softly Restricting Method (SRM), which utilizes the unreliable binding site information to enhance success rate of docking. It only reduces hit count number and success rate slightly if the predicted information is completely wrong. However, when the predicted information is correct or partially correct, SRM increases the hit count number and success rate significantly.

CAPRI: Using ASPDock and Softly Restricting Method, his team has participated in two rounds of Critical Assessment of PRediction of Interactions (CAPRI). We got high-quality hits for T40 and T41 and the best LRMSD were 2.35 Å and 1.41 Å, respectively.
2001-2002: HUST Scholarship
2002-2003: National Scholarship by Chinese Government
Skills and Software
Programming language: Fortran/C/C++/Bash/Matlab
Molecular Simulatons: DelPhi/Tinker /NAMD
Protein-protein docking: ASPDock/SRM/FTDock/ZDOCK/GRAMM
Graphic: Chimera/PyMOL/Photoshop/Flash
Homology Modeling: SWISS-MODEL/I-TASSER

Research Interest

1.Protein electrostatic calculations ;
2.Molecular dynamic simulations;
3.Protein-protein interactions, Protein-RNA/DNA interactions, Protein-ligand docking;
4.Structure, function, chemistry, and in vivo modification and processing of proteins, nucleic acids, and other biologically important macromolecules;
5.Computational method for protein/DNA/RNA simulations.


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Mucinous Adenocarcinoma of Prostate: A Case Report and Review of Literature
Guang-Zhen WU, Wang Qi-Fei, Quan-Lin LI, Zhang Zhi-W and Tang QZ
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Evasion of Innate Immunity by Dengue Virus Non-Structural Proteins through Interfereing with Type I Interferon Production and Jak/STAT Signaling
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Change in Bank Equity Stakes before Merger Completion
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Bcl-2-expression in Dys-regulated Distribution of T and B Lymphocytes in Aged Mice
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Next-Generation Sequencing Confirmation of Real-Time RT-PCR False Positive Influenza-A Virus Detection in Waterfowl and Swine Swab Samples
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Selective Catalytic Reduction of NOx over Fe/TiO2 Prepared by F127- Template Method at Mid-Temperature
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Rats Metabolic Responses to Chronic Intervention with Cantonese Herbal Tea
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Will Dengue Virus Infection Endanger Blood Safety?
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Molecular Characteristics of the N Gene of the Chicken Embryo Cell- Adapted Rabies Virus Strain CTNCEC25
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Comparison of Methotrexate with Tripterygium wilfordii Hook F in the Management of Rheumatoid Arthritis
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The Expression Level of TGF-β1, TGF-β3 and VEGF in Transplanted Oral Mucosal and Cutaneous Wounds
Jiarong Liu, Jiajia Zhao, Shue Li, Lijuan Zhu, Ran Yu, Yinying Qu, XiaoDan Zheng, Lin Liu and Lili Chen
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Fabrication of Nanoparticles of Silymarin, Hesperetin and Glibenclamide by Evaporative Precipitation of Nanosuspension for Fast Dissolution
Kakran M, Sahoo GN, Lin Li
Research Article: Pharm Anal Acta 2015, 6: 326
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Prevalence of Metabolic Syndrome and Overweight/Obesity among Chinese Women of Childbearing Age: A Cross-Sectional Epidemic Study
Xiaomiao Zhao, Renmin Ni, Yu Li, Lin Li, Jia Huang, Na Di, Ricardo Azziz and Dongzi Yang
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Is Interferon-Free Treatment for HCV Possible?
Shan Chen, Shilin Li, Bing Liu, Li Ma, and Limin Chen
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MicroRNA and its Potential Use for the Treatment of Hepatitis C Virus Infection
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The Effect of Hand Hygiene Promotion in a University Hospital in China
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Upregulation of Autophagy by Angiotensin II Triggers Phenotypic Switching of Aortic Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells
Yangfeng Tang, Zilin Liao, Zhiyun Xu and Lin Han
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Risk of Osteonecrosis among Persons with Osteoarthritis of the Knee: Findings from the UK based General Practice Research Database
Susan Jick and Lin Li
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Panax Notoginsenosides Attenuates Pleural Inflammation in Rabbit Model
Helin Zhang, Ruilin Liu, Hongle Yang, Zhichao Wang and Chenli Li
Research Article: Cell Mol Biol
Does the Emerging Bunyavirus that causes Severe Fever with Thrombocytopenia Syndrome Impact the Blood Safety in China?
Peibin Zeng, Li Ma, Shilin Li, Chunhui Yang, Yujia Li, Xiaoqiong Duan, Bing Liu, Shan Chen and Limin Chen
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A Preliminary Study on Multivariate Prediction of Seizure Outcome after Epilepsy Surgery
Jing Zhang, Hui Chen, Weifang Liu, Qingzhu Liu, Shanshan Mei and Yunlin Li
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Correlations between Soluble Sugar and Phenol Contents in Leaves and Pear Scab Resistance
Yanbin Hua, Huangping Guo, Xin-Gen Zhou, Xiao Li, Sheng Yang, Yuqin Song, Ning Ma, Chenbo Chai, Xin Qiao and Liulin Li
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Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy in Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma
Dan-Gui Yan, Bin Zhang, Lin Liu, Li-Juan Niu, Chang-Ming An, Zheng-Jiang Li, Zhen-Gang Xu and Ping-Zhang Tang
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Last Line to Secure Transfusion Safety: Pathogen Inactivation/Reduction Methods in Blood Products-Current Approaches and Perspectives
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Host Factors to Predict Treatment Response in HCV Patients: Implications for Individualized Therapy and Translational Medicine for HCV Management
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Interventions to Improve CPAP Adherence and Outcomes: Role of Theory and Behavioral Change Techniques
Carl Stepnowsky, Tania Zamora, Christine Edwards, Lin Liu and Zia Agha
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Identification of a Location at Chromosome 19p in a Big Chinese Family with Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease
Fei-Feng Li, Xu-dong Wang, Min-wei Zhu, Hui-wen Xiao, Quan Yang, Xin Shao, Hong-lin Feng, Zhi-Guo Lin and Shu-Lin Liu
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Detection of BRAF V600E Mutation in Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis Using High-resolution Melting Analysis in Decalcified, Paraffin-embedded Tissue
Bin Fu, Zhongqing Wang, Xiaolin Li, Sa A Wang and Zhuang Zuo
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Modulating Innate Immune Response to Combat Viral Infections-Use HCV as an Example
Yujia Li, shilin Li, Xiaoqiong Duan, Bing Liu, Peibin Zeng, Chunhui Yang and Limin Chen
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NOV-002, A Glutathione Disulfide Mimetic, Suppresses Tumor Cell Invasion and Metastasis
Kiranmai Gumireddy, Anping Li, Lili Cao, Jinchun Yan, Lin Liu, Xiaowei Xu, Christopher Pazoles and Qihong Huang
Research Article: J Carcinog Mutagen 2013, S7- 002
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High-throughput Gene Expression Profiling: Its Application in Studying Transfusion-Transmitted Infections
Bing Liu, Shilin Li, Yujia Li, Xiaoqiong Duan and Limin Chen
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Genome-wide Gene Expression Profiling: An Excellent Tool to Study Virus- Host Interactions
Limin Chen, Shilin Li, Yujia Li, Xiaoqiong Duan and Ian McGilvray
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New Endoscopic Diagnosis and Treatment Options for Early Esophageal Cancer
Quan-Lin Li, Yun-Shi Zhong, Wei-Feng Chen, Meng-Jiang He, Ping-Hong Zhou and Li-Qing Yao
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Risk Factors for Delayed Neuropsychiatric Sequelae in Carbon Monoxide Poisoning: Ten Years' Experience in a Pediatric Emergency Department
Mei-Hua Hu, Jing-Long Huang, Kuang-Lin Lin, Go-Shine Huang, Huei-Shyong Wang, Ming-Liang Chou, Po-Cheng Hung and Chang-Teng Wu
Research Article: J Clin Toxicol 2012, 2: 124
DOI: 10.4172/2161-0495.1000124
Targeting a Neutralizing Epitope of HIV Envelope Gp120 by Immune Complex Vaccine
Rajnish Kumar, Maria Luisa Visciano, Hualin Li and Catarina Hioe
Review Article: J AIDS Clin Res 2012, S8: 002
DOI: 10.4172/2155-6113.S8-002
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