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Microbiology Journals

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Russia, also (officially) known as the Russian Federation, is the largest country in the world. Russia is the world's ninth most populous country at the end of 2015, covering more than one-eighth of the Earth's inhabited land area. Russia has a developed, high-income market economy with enormous natural resources, particularly oil and natural gas. It has the 15th largest economy in the world by nominal GDP and the 6th largest by purchasing power parity (PPP). The Constitution has guaranteed free education system in Russia for all citizens. The most significant technological achievements of the 20th century (The Soviet era), included the world's first human-made satellite, and the first man in space.

Louis Pasteur was a renowned French microbiologist known for his revelations of the microbial fermentation and pasteurization. He is viewed as one of the three fundamental authors of bacteriology and prominently known as the "father of microbiology". The Pasteur Institute is a French non-profit private foundation dedicated to the study of biology, micro-organisms, diseases, and vaccines, named after Louis Pasteur. One year after the inauguration the first course of microbiology ever taught in the world was setup in Pasteur Institute. The launch of many microbiology journals has facilitated the clinical and research updates to the readers over the world.

The research advancements in the country have been disseminated through Microbiology journals France. The journal Microbiology (Mikrobiologiya) journal started their circulation in 1932. Journal of Bacteriology & Parasitology is one of the well-known journals in great international circulations. This major international microbiology journal reports all major studies. Journal of Bacteriology & Parasitology stands first in the list of Microbiology journals Russia. These well-known Russian Microbiology journals always served as a reliable update of clinical advancements.

Microbiology Journals List