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Microbiology Journals

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The United States of America generally referred as America or US is third largest country in the world. America is well known for its economic and military power as well as unmatched global reach in terms of science and technology. The country originated in the year of 1776 and is named after Amerigo Vespucci an explorer from Florence. The name ‘America’ symbolically represents as “the land of Americo”. The USA has now evolved as an unbeatable technological power of the world in medical, pharmaceuticals, military equipment as well as computers and technology.

Microbiology research and prevention of infectious diseases started its pace in America with the origin National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases in the year of 1955. The country has a great history of preventing eye diseases, and providing better health care to the patients through its government organizations. The country’s strong research milestones are American Society for Microbiology and Division of Microbiology and Infectious Diseases etc. Microbiological community of the country has enabled to make appreciable remarks in microbial and infectious disease research. The launch of many Microbiology journals has facilitated the clinical and research updates to the readers over the world.

The research advancements in the country have been disseminated through list of Microbiology journals america.The American microbiology journals started their circulation in early 1880’s. Applied Microbiology: Open Access is one of the well-known journal great international circulations. This major international microbiology journal reports all major studies in the popular labs of America. Applied Microbiology: Open Access Journals stands first in the America Microbiology journals list.These well-known American Microbiology journals always served as a reliable update of clinical advancements.

Microbiology Journals List