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Toxicology Journals

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‘Toxicity’ literally means seditious or poisonous and logs are science that explains its effects on biological systems and organism. Toxicology, thus is a combination of ‘Biology’, Chemistry and Medicine with a special focus on pharmacology. This multidisciplinary field of knowledge particularly deals with the adverse effects of chemicals on living organism of the earth .It discusses about the presence of physical, biological and chemical agents in biological system and the way it affects its functions. Toxicology focuses on the dosage of toxic substances on the biological system, including the route of exposure, the species, age, sex and the environment.

Toxicology Journals Impact Factors List

Journal Name Journal Impact Factor* Citations Report
Chemical Sciences Journal 0.62
3.07 (5 Yr Journal Impact Factor)
Citations Report
Journal of Analytical & Bioanalytical Techniques 2
3.05 (5 Yr Journal Impact Factor)
Citations Report
Journal of Drug Metabolism & Toxicology 1
2.12 (5 Yr Journal Impact Factor)
Citations Report
Journal of Environmental & Analytical Toxicology 2.72 Citations Report
Journal of Clinical Toxicology 2.042 Citations Report
Clinical Pharmacology & Biopharmaceutics 1.96 Citations Report
Journal of Clinical & Experimental Pharmacology 1.75 Citations Report
Biochemistry & Pharmacology: Open Access Journal 1.21 Citations Report
Research & Reviews in Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences 1.12 Citations Report
Journal of Forensic Toxicology & Pharmacology 0.258 Citations Report
Research & Reviews: Journal of Medical and Health Sciences 0.08 -
Insights in Biomedicine - -
Journal of Biomedical Sciences - Citations Report
Clinical & Medical Biochemistry - -
Research & Reviews: Journal of Pharmaceutical Analysis - -
Toxicology: Open Access - -
Journal of Heavy Metal Toxicity and Diseases - -
Medical & Clinical Reviews - -
Chemical Informatics - -
Journal of Chemical Biology & Therapeutics - -
Research & Reviews: Journal of Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance - -
Journal of Medical Toxicology and Clinical Forensic Medicine - -
Research & Reviews: Journal of Pharmacology and Toxicological Studies - -
Journal of In Silico & In Vitro Pharmacology - -
- -

List of Healthcare Management Conferences

International Conference on General Practice & Hospital Management December 08-09, 2016 Dubai, UAE
International Conference on Health and Hospital Management December 08-09, 2016 Dubai, UAE
International Conference on Integrated Care December 11-12, 2017 Rome, Italy
2nd World Congress on Public Health and Nutrition March 22-24, 2017 Rome, Italy
International Conference on Medical Education November 06-08, 2017 Vienna, Austria
3rd Global Summit on Health Informatics & Telemedicine Chicago, USA
Medical Devices Expo Africa-2017 May 17-19,2017 Chicago, USA
4th International Conference on Biomedical and Health Informatics May 25-26, 2017 Chicago, USA
2nd International Conference on Wound Care, Ostomy & Continence Nursing Practices June 7-8, 2017 Milan, Italy
2nd International Conference on General Practice & General Medicine September 18-20, 2017 Zurich, Switzerland
2nd World Congress on Health Economics Policy and Outcomes Research June 29-30, 2017 Madrid, Spain
4th International Conference and Exhibition on Medical Physics and Biophysics June 29-30, 2017 London, UK
Sonography 2017 July 10-13,2017 Chicago, USA
10th World Congress on Healthcare & Technologies July 17-18, 2017 Lisbon, Portugal
International  Conference on Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery June 12-13, 2017 Rome, Italy
Biotechnology 2017 August 21-23,2017 Chicago, USA
5th International Conference on Medical Informatics and Telehealth August 29-30, 2017 Prague, Czech Republic
World Congress on Patient Safety & Quality Healthcare September 04-05, 2017 London, UK
2nd International Conference on Environmental Health & Safety September 7- 8, 2017 Paris, France
3rd International Conference on Wound Care, Tissue Repair & Regenerative Medicine September 11-12, 2017 Dallas, USA
3rd International Conference on Sports Medicine and Fitness September 18-20, 2017 Barcelona, Spain
2nd International Conference on Precision Medicine and Personalized Medicine 2017 Sep 20-21, 2017 Jackson Ville, USA
World Diabetes & Healthcare Conference Sep 21-23, 2017 Houston, USA
2nd World Congress on Health and Medical Sociology September 25-26, 2017 Atlanta, USA
AddMark 2017 September 27-30,2017 Chicago, USA
International Conference on Zoonosis and Health October 1-3, 2017 San Francisco, USA
12th World Congress on Healthcare and Medical Tourism Oct 16-17, 2017 Dubai, UAE
6th Global Experts Meeting on Medical Case Reports October 16-18, 2017 San Francisco, USA
6th International Conference on Epidemiology and Public Health October 23-25, 2017 Paris, France
International Conference on Health and Hospital Management Nov 06-07, 2017 Vienna, Austria
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OMICS International Toxicology Journals devoted to the timely dissemination of scientific findings from several specialized research areas such as Toxicology, Chemical toxicology, Clinical toxicology, Ecotoxicology, Environmental toxicology, Forensic toxicology, Medical toxicology, etc., are reported in the respective open access journal and offers free access to quality and original research work to the scholarly community. All articles published in Toxicology journals are subject to rigorous peer review with the support of highly qualified editorial board members. The articles published will be indexed in most widely used database service. All the articles published in Toxicology Journals are permanently archived in respective peer reviewed journal’s repository, thus providing unrestricted supply of scientific information.

The articles published through OMICS International are of world class high-quality which is attained through its expert database from varied profession, expertise and experience. Toxicology Journals of OMICS International have been rated top journals in Scholarly Publishing and are being accolade by scientific community as one of the Best toxicology Journals.

OMICS International employs peer-review methods to maintain standards of quality, improve performance, and provide credibility. The work subjected may be accepted, considered acceptable with revisions, or rejected. OMICS International organizes scientific events globally which helps to promote and make science accessible to everyone. Toxicology Journals scientific gatherings cover popular toxicology, medical and experimental research peer-reviewed conferences that connect the scientific community and accelerate life science discovery. These conferences are the platforms to highlight the achievements and successes of scientists in their respective field.