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Atherosclerosis is a cardiovascular disorder in which plaque gets deposited on inner walls of arteries which leads to narrowing and thickening of them. Atherosclerosis also referred as arteriosclerosis. It leads to many cardio related disorders like Coronary Heart disease, Stroke, Peripheral Arterial Disease, Chronic Kidney Disease.

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Occlusive Coronary Atherosclerosis

Coronary atherosclerosis is the deposition of plaques within walls of coronary arteries. The plaque occludes the coronary artery by which blood flow to the heart is stopped, this leads to heart attack. Diagnosis is done by Coronary reserve flow (CFR), serum makers and by imaging studies like echocardiography, computed topography, coronary angiography.

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Intracranial Atherosclerosis

Intracranial Atherosclerosis leads to ischemic stroke. It is developed by the formation of atherosclerotic plaques within walls of intracranial arteries.The advanced stage of intracranial atherosclerosis is intracranial stenosis. High resolution Magnetic resonance Imaging (MRI) and intravascular ultrasound are the diagnostic approaches for detecting intracranial atherosclerotic plaques.

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Atherosclerosis Diagnosis

Diagnostic tests recommended by physician include blood test in which cholesterol, sugar, proteins and certain fats levels are tested. Electrocardiogram is a test performed to detect electrical activity of heart. Chest x-ray, Ankle or brachial index, Echocardiography done to detect size, shape and working of the heart. Computed topography and angiography are also done.

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Atherosclerosis Pathology

Pathology of atherosclerosis includes a series of events. Firstly endothelial damage followed by stimulation of LDL-C and it’s oxidation in walls of vessel. Due to this monocytes reach the site, transform into macrophages and accumulate lipids which finally lead to atherosclerotic plaques.

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Etiology of Atherosclerosis

Atherosclerosis is a complex disease which may start in childhood. The exact cause is not known. Atherosclerosis is triggered when some risk factors like smoking, hypertension, diabetes and high content of fats in blood damage the endothelium of arteries. When artery gets damaged plaque begins to develop and finally narrows them.

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Homocysteine in Atherosclerosis

Homocysteine is considered as a risk factor of atherosclerosis. Increased of levels of homocysteine increase the levels of oxidants by which the endothelium gets damaged in turn platelets accumulate and lead to the formation of plaques within the wall. This leads to narrowing of blood vessels and finally atherosclerosis.

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Obesity and Atherosclerosis

Obesity refers to presence of excess fat within body. High fat content foods and cholesterol is the major risk factor of atherosclerosis. When there is excess of low density cholesterol, it gets deposited on the inner walls of blood vessels, reduces the blood flow and leads to atherosclerosis.

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Endothelial Dysfunction Atherosclerosis

The renin-angiotensin axis, oxidised low-density lipoproteins, insulin resistance, dyslipidaemia, hyperglycaemia play a vital role in the pathogenesis of endothelial impairment. Increased expression of pro-inflammatory cytokines and adhesion molecules cause vasodilation endothelium. Autoimmunity also leads to endothelial dysfunction.

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Advanced Medications for Atherosclerosis

Medication halts the progress of disease. Healthy lifestyle would be beneficial in treatment of atherosclerosis. The objective of treatment is to lower the cholesterol levels in the body which can be achieved by Statins (Lovastatin, simvastatin, fluvastatin) and other drugs like fibrates. If the disease is severe then a physician suggests surgeries such as angioplasty, stenting, coronary bypass surgery and atherectomy.

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Renal Atherosclerosis

Renal atherosclerosis refers to narrowing of renal arteries by deposition of fat plaques within arteries. Chronic kidney disease, diabetes, hypertension and tobacco addiction are the risk factors of renal atherosclerosis. Renal atherosclerosis also leads to renal damage. It can also be caused by fibro muscular dysplasia.

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Atherosclerosis Surgery

Atherosclerosis can be treated with two surgical options: bypass surgery and stenting. These treatments are preferred when atherosclerosis is at advanced stage and in case of emergency. Angioplasty and stenting relieves symptoms of heart attack. Coronary bypass surgery where a healthy vein is sewed around clogged artery.

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Atherosclerosis Research

Research on atherosclerosis provided the basic information regarding pathogenesis and progression of disease. Current research is on the regression of atherosclerosis. Advanced diagnostic tests such as positron emission tomography, computed topography for imaging atherosclerotic plaques aided in effective treatment.

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Atherosclerosis Statistics

32% of deaths account for atherosclerosis.13.8% prevalence is among adults of 20 years and above. In 2010, decline in mortality rate of stroke. Heart failure estimated about 30%. Coronary heart disease mortality rate was about 60% in 2010.

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Vascular Atherosclerosis

Vascular atherosclerosis refers to atherosclerosis involving entire vascular system. Peripheral arterial disease is one of the vascular atherosclerosis. Lipid abnormalities, matrix metabolism, genetic factors, thrombosis are of critical value in pathology of vascular disease.

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Vascular Surgery

It is a branch deals with surgeries of vascular diseases. Vascular surgery consists of carotid arteries surgery, aorta surgery, in conditions like May-Thurner syndrome. Vascular surgery involves surgical reconstruction, invasive catheter procedures.

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Carotid Stenosis

Carotid stenosis is constriction of lumen of the carotid artery. Carotid stenosis is developed by the accumulation of fatty substances within walls of carotid arteries. Blockage of carotid arteries leads to stroke, internal bleeding and heart attack.

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Atherosclerosis: Open Access Journal is supporting 28th World Congress on Cardiology and Heart Diseases, which is going to be held during November 5-6, 2018 at Amsterdam, Netherlands. The theme of the conference is "A Vivid Innovations In The Field Of Cardiology".

Atherosclerosis occurs as the blood vessels become thick and stiff. In some cases these blood vessels restrict blood flow to the organs and tissues. It refers to the buildup of fats , cholesterol and other substances on the artery walls which restrict blood flow. It is generally considered as heart problem but it can affect other parts of the body. It is preventable and treatable. Atherosclerosis is therefore a syndrome affecting arterial blood vessels due to a chronic inflammatory response of WBCs in the walls of arteries.

Atherosclerosis journal is an open access, peer-reviewed scientific journal dealing with articles on different aspects of Atherosclerosis, Vascular Dementia, Occlusive Coronary Atherosclerosis, Severe Coronary Atherosclerosis, Cerebral atherosclerosis, intracranial atherosclerosis, Carotid atherosclerosis, Reverse Atherosclerosis, Aortic Atherosclerosis and Thoracic Aortic Atherosclerosis. Articles on advanced medications for atherosclerosis, Renal atherosclerosis, Atherosclerosis surgery, Atherosclerosis research, Atherosclerosis statistics, Vascular Atherosclerosis, Vascular surgery, Carotid Stenosis, etc.

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